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Productivity Evolution


  • Name: Employee Training Programme (Productivity Evolution)
  • LCCI position: Lead partner
  • EU financing:  2 845 744 EUR
  • Private financing: 1 881 321 EUR 
  • LIAA contract No: L-APA-10-0016 (projekta Nr. APA/
  • Project implementation expired on 01.06.2015.

Employee Training Programme “Productivity Evolution“ is a project which main goal was to improve competitiveness level among Latvian enterprises through providing the World TOP trainings as well to achieve substantial increase of productivity level. In the implementation of the program participated more than 120 Latvian and foreign trainers. Entrepreneurs had the right to choose by themselves the both the course and the trainer as well the time when the training for their employees should be organized. The training programme was divided in to six main areas: Lean, export academy, energy efficiency, management skills, market development as well communication processes.

The support Latvian enterprises received through participating in the courses improved their management processes, increased the level of production process efficiency as well improved their export skills.