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Social Enterpreneurhip

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) in cooperation with the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) received the European Commission funding for research project "Pilot project for the identification of social enterprises and their economic impact assessment". 

Objective of the research:
To develop a unified methodology for social entrepreneurship and social company identification and evaluation of its activities,to determine the direct and indirect impact of social enterprises on the country's economic growth and employment.

Activities carried out within the framework of the research:
• Development of a methodology for identifying social enterprises;
• Improvement of the national statistical IT system;
• Experimental data collection;
• Mathematical data processing, analysis;
• Data content analysis; Summary development;
• Creating a database of social enterprises;
• Practical recommendations and legislative initiatives development;
• Presentation of research results in a forum;
• Announcement of research results

Project results and recommendations for policy makers (in Latvian)