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VET to Work


  • Name: VET to Work Transition – how to meet labour market needs and engage businesses in Latvia's VET system? (Vet to Work)
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • LCCI budget: 12 659 EUR
  • Dates: 01/05/2014 to 30/04/2015
  • Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme

The implementation of the project “Vet to Work Transition” (Vet to Work) is based on the goal to encourage discussions on different levels regarding specific issues of vocational education, which could help to find solutions and develop certain recommendations which could be used by both practitioners and politicians in improving the quality and the labor market adequacy as well of the vocational education.

The realization of the project was based on the compilation of collected data about other countries’ successful experience as well good practices and growth dynamics. The results of the research were used in carrying out 36 interviews with the industry representatives as well with vocational educational institutions and experts, as a result 12 topics for discussion were chosen. In these topics were highlighted dual education examples and cooperation mechanisms between industry and academic environment as well.

The results of the discussions showed the significant importance of dialogue and active communication between involved parties that made it possible to develop vocational educational system, internship system and integration of youth in the appropriate profession in labor market as well transparently and without any controversies.

Project results: Publication in english