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Essence of the competence councils of members is to represent interests of the LCCI members in a respective sector or area of interests. Each competence council consists of 9 members (representatives of the LCCI members’ companies) elected for three years. Meetings of the competence councils are open for all members, who wish to participate and include urgent matters in the LCCI agenda.

Competence councils of members

1.     prepare suggestions for the commercial activity policy implemented by the LCCI;

2.     suggest examination of matters by the LCCI institutions;

3.     define priorities of the LCCI activities in respective field and at respective time of public administration influence;

4.     create workgroups for development of specific matters;

5.     make decisions on the LCCI attitude, is opinions of members differ;

6.     nominate candidates for the LCCI Council members.




See: Regulation of operation of the LCCI Competence Councils