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  • Name: SPINTeams (University Spin-offs Alliance: From the idea to the market through mentoring and transnational entrepreneurial teams)
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • Total budget: 995 176.00 EUR
  • Project period: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023
  • Programme: Erasmus+
  • Partner countries: Spain, Latvia, Italy, Austria, Croatia
  • Website:

Universities are the main source of innovation and solutions to challenges that can be marketable. Many start-ups and University spin-offs are founded at European Universities, but when it comes to sustainability and growth capacity, after 3 years more than 50 % of startups fail. The main reasons are the lack of profitability and growth capacity. The origin of this failure comes from the roots itself of the company founded: the entrepreneurial and business skills of the founders, the complementarity of skills of the founders and their teams, their ability to find support networks and effective, bottom-up start-ups support ecosystem and the capacity of going international and build international cooperation.


Project aim:

  • Improving entrepreneurial and business skills of the would-be entrepreneurs at partner HEIs, as well as their current and future Spin-offs and Startups, to achieve more and more sustainable and growing businesses. The project will act with a bottom-up approach acting twofold: impacting the practitioners and the HEIs.


Planned project activities:

  • A collection of training webinars for creating the role of  "Entrepreneurship Coaches" at partners HEIs.
  • A complete training course for improving entrepreneurial and business skills addressed to advanced students, PhD students, researchers (would be entrepreneurs or spin-off/start-ups founders).
  • A  handbook "Building entrepreneurial support ecosystems for HEIs".
  • A guide "mentoring and peer learning methods for new entrepreneurs support".
  • International entrepreneurs' cooperation platform to foster international cooperation, teamwork, networking, and mentoring.


Lead partner:

  • Chamber of Commerce Industry and Services of Terrassa (Spain)
  • Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain)
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Latvia)
  • University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy)
  • Institute for Economic Promotion (Austria)
  • European Grants International Academy (Italy)
  • Poligest SL (Spain)
  • Turiba University (Latvia)
  • Tera Tehnopolis, Ltd (Croatia)
  • University of Graz (Austria)


Marta Bērze
Project Coordinator of EU Projects Department 
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
+371 26453442
Kr.Valdemāra str. 35, Riga Latvia, LV-1010