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Silver Strategies

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  • Name: Silver Strategies (Joint Strategies for Companies in Silver Economy: Attracting and Retaining Silver Age Employees)
  • LCCI position: Lead Partner
  • Total budget: 533 066,40 EUR
  • Project period: 01.03.2023 - 31.08.2025
  • Programme: Interreg Central Baltic
  • Partner countries: Latvia, Estonia, Finland

The main objective of "Silver Strategies" is to improve labour market opportunities for people of pre-retirement and retirement age (silver age, 55+). The goal is to develop joint antidiscrimination strategies for CB companies and sets of measures to be implemented by companies.

Common labour market challenges in the CB region:

  • ageing population, the burden on social systems, the well-being of seniors;
  • shortage of labour force, shortage of certain skills in labour market;
  • fully un-used economic potential of silver age people;
  • fully unused potential of flexible forms of work, e.g., part-time and remote work.

Silver Strategies is the first attempt to propose regional and company-level antidiscrimination measures supporting employment opportunities for seniors.

Project activities:

  • Preparation, planning
  • Designing joint strategies and measures, joint training
  • Implementation of sets of measures in companies, expertise-sharing visits, mobilities
  • Review and analysis of testing results.
  • Communication and awareness-raising activities.

Project results:

  • joint strategies for workplaces to recruit and retain silver age employees;
  • sets of antidiscrimination measures at 36 companies in Latvia, Estonia, Finland;
  • a joint training program for company managers, HR managers, coaches, consultants on antidiscrimination strategies and measures, + joint training events, expertise-sharing mobilities;

The outputs will be presented in an online Handbook.
Those who benefit will be SMEs, larger companies, labour market at large; business support organizations, and mainly:  silver age people by improving their employment opportunities.

Lead partner:

  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Latvia)


  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), Finland
  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI), Estonia

LCCI contacts: 

Marta Bērze
Project Coordinator of EU Projects Department 
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
+371 26453442
Kr.Valdemāra str. 35, Riga Latvia, LV-1010