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  • Name: EE4HORECA (Supporting the Clean Energy Transition of the HORECA value chain)
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • Total budget: 1’493’946,00 EUR
  • LCCI budget: 143’526,59 EUR
  • Dates: 01.09.2023 - 31.08.2026
  • Programme: LIFE
  • Partner countries: Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, Latvia

The EE4HORECA project contributes to the Clean Energy Transition of companies. The project will create tailormade business models, benchmarking, monitoring tools, and support activities to boost the market uptake of cost-effective energy efficiency measures (EEM) and where relevant renewables and heat pumps among EU companies across the HORECA value chain.

Aim of the project: enhance the skills of energy technicians and top management within a company to better understand the multiple benefits achievable from collaborative approaches between large and small companies across the value chain within the HORECA sector.

Objectives of the project:

  • Identify the best practices available for large companies and from these best practices further identify relevant cost-effective collaborative business models in the HORECA sector;
  • Build capacity for all actors involved internally and externally (focused on management staff) across the HORECA value chain;
  • Create business models, benchmarking, standardization, and monitoring tools focused on energy use at the value chain level which in turn could improve regulatory and policy formulation pertaining to the HORECA sector;
  • Demonstrate the relevance of value chain approaches to increase sustainability, resilience, and competitiveness among companies
  • Demonstrate the economic viability of collaborative approaches to greening value chains;
  • Make available to market actors data evidence on value chain energy use.

The following results are foreseen:

  • Train 520 staff, allowing for improved skills/ knowledge/ awareness/ know-how on the role of sustainable value chains in promoting the clean energy transition of the HORECA sector;
  • Additional 1 500+ stakeholders will be exposed to information about the collaborative methods within the HORECA supply chain (awareness raising around the mapping, business models and results) within the projects lifetime;
  • 420 companies will be involved in the exploration of energy collaborations;
  • 10 000 further stakeholders will be reached and informed about the initiative and tools.

Lead Partner:


Project Partners:

European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (Belgium)

CCI France (France)

Chambre De Commerce Et d'Industrie Nice Côte d'Azur (France)

Unione Regionale Delle Camere Di Commercio Industria, Artigianato E Agricoltura Del Veneto (Italy)

Fondazione Fenice Onlus (Italy)

Universita Degli Studi Di Brescia (Italy)

Energieinstitut Der Wirtschaft GmbH (Austria)

Cambra Oficial De Comerc I Industria De Terrassa (Spain)

Cámara Oficial De Comercio, Industria, Servicios Y Navegación de España (Spain)

Senercon GmbH (Germany)

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Latvia)



Jurijs Dubatovka
Project Coordinator of EU Projects Department
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
+371 26514077
Kr.Valdemāra str. 35, Riga Latvia, LV-1010