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  • Name: EUROMED Invest Project
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • LCCI Budget: 9 000 EUR
  • Dates:  Year 2014 – 31st July, 2017
  • Programme: European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)
  • Other partners: Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Hungary
  • Home page:

The ultimate goal of EUROMED Invest is to boost private business and investment within the Euro-Med area to contribute to an inclusive economic development of the region.

The specific objective of the project is to empower Euro-Med business and investment networks to implement targeted strategies supporting the creation and the international development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to boost private business and investment within the Euro-Med area.

The target groups of the project are a combination of private and public sector organizations as well as business associations from the EU, South Mediterranean countries, and potential EU candidate countries

Within EUROMED  project, the following event were held:

EUROMED Invest academy "Fostering Women Leaders - Women in Business Support Organisations"

The EUROMED Invest Academy on "Fostering Women Leaders - Women in Business Support Organizations" took place in Marrakech, Savoy Hotel, on 6-7 March 2017. The event was organised by BUSINESSMED - Union of Mediterranean Confederations of Enterprises, with the support of EUROCHAMBRES. 

During one day and a half, this Academy gathered BSOs from the MENA region, entrepreneurs, and several stakeholders from the private sector in order to discuss the role of women in the economic and social development of their countries. It  also offered the opportunity to share best practices among BSOs in supporting women entrepreneurs and improving services provided. The academy brought together around 60 participants from South Mediterranean (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya) and European countries (France, Belgium, Latvia), mainly active women entrepreneurs, members of Confederation of Enterprises and chambers of commerce active in the economic, social and political sectors.