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  • Name: Using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote Circular Economy
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • Total Budget: 2 453 620.00 EUR
  • Dates: 01/09/2017 to 30/11/2020
  • Programme: European Regional Development Fund
  • Other partners: Latvia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden
  • Web site:


The main focus of this project is to use public procurement in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) as a catalyst to enhance the market uptake of innovative circular products and services by building capacity among all stakeholders of the value chain (namely procurers, suppliers and policy makers) and introducing the principles of circular economy thinking in a close feedback dialog with SMEs. Circular products are those that are kept in the value chain for a longer period, from whom raw materials are being recovered for their next use after the lifetime of the products has ended.

For the achievement of the goal, the project will follow a four steps approach:

  1. Research of state of the art in Circular Procurement and identification of improvement potentials, at local, national and transnational level.
  2. Building necessary capacity on circular procurement for all relevant stakeholders of the procurement value chain, namely public procurers, SMEs, policy and decision makers;
  3. Delivering pilot circular procurements aligned with the defined priority areas to enable learning by doing and ensure the projects develops practical capacity building material (e.g. training, guidance, future recommendations, etc.)
  4. Disseminating widely the project outcomes among public procurers and SMEs across Europe, using strategic partners and relevant channels.

The main outputs of Circular PP include a set of recommendations to develop further circular procurement policy and to improve the current institutional organisation of procurement entities; training material for public authorities alongside procurement seminars in all seven participating countries, activities to raise awareness among SMEs concerning the design and delivery of circular products and services; and the delivery of five pilot procurements, as well as a number of specified dissemination activities to exploit the outcomes.

Lead partner: City of Aalborg, Denmark

Project partners: 

  • City of Malmo, Sweeden
  • Latvian Environmental Investment Fund, Latvia
  • Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands
  • University of Aalborg, Denmark
  • Finnish Environmental Institute, Finlan
  • Higher School of Economics St Petersburg, Russia
  • Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Poland
  • Enterprise Europe Network Aalborg, Denmark



  LCCI Contacts:
Mrs. Līga Sičeva
Head of LCCI EU Projects Department
+371 28625443
Kr.Valdemara str. 35, Riga
Latvia, LV-1010