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Baltic Supply

Baltic Supply
  • Name: Interregional SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor
  • LCCI Position: Partner
  • LCCI budget: 34 610.90 EUR
  • Dates: 01/06/2012 to 16/12/2012
  • Programme: The Interreg  Baltic Sea Region Programme 
  • Other partners: Germany, Latvia, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia
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“Baltic Supply” project was implemented within the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme with the aim of creating SMEs Supply Clusters for those countries, which surround the Baltic Sea as an innovative tool that could provide effective regional economic development and SMEs promotion as well. It was strategically important to pursue an integrated and proactive instrument for shaping the next generation of supply logistics through linking innovation policies and for promoting competitiveness strategy in the Baltic Sea Region.

Through implementing “Baltic Supply” SMEs were encouraged for new innovations and were involved in “new sectors and niche markets”.

Furthermore, “Baltic Supply” cooperated closely with the North Sea Supply Connect project with the goal to guarantee the access to new regional markets and business opportunities in the North Sea Region and increase level of European cross-border competitiveness- from extending knowledge for improving SMEs performance to enhancing the integration of Baltic Sea Region SMEs.