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  • Name: Network for the Accreditation of the Managerial Skills
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • LCCI budget: 21 702.65 EUR
  • Dates:  October, 2011 to October, 2014
  • Programme: Leonardo da Vinci - Networks
  • Other partners: Greece, Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Romania
  • Home page:

Nowadays there is a common issue among managers when they are not able to identify their own skills and competencies because of obtaining the biggest part of their skills on the job without any official qualifications for them. The implementation of the project “Network for the Accreditation of the Managerial Skills” (Crednet) is based on the several objectives which are focused on the improvement of the recognition of the competencies and skills of the managers that could be obtained through non formal learning.

In accordance with the position of project’s partners the best way how it is possible to recognize these skills is by using self-evaluation. For achieving the goal of the project the online self-evaluation instrument was proposed, by using which managers could measure their own skills by themselves, immediately receiving results online. Moreover this self-evaluation tool provided the opportunity to identify their shortcoming for looking for opportunities to resolve them.

In addition the certain training courses were held for familiarizing the managers with the instrument.