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Welcome in project STEEEP national webpage in Latvia!

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  • Name: Support and Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance (STEEEP)
  • LCCI position: Partner
  • LCCI budget: 102 916 EUR
  • Dates: 01/03/2014 to 28/02/2017
  • Programme: “Intelligent Energy - Europe” Programme
  • Other partners: Belgium, Austria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, The United Kingdom, Hungary
  • Web site:

In the basis of implementing STEEEP in 2014 was a goal to serve as first point to call on Energy management guidance services. EUROCHAMBRES as a leader of the project with the support of 34 Chambers of Commerce and Industry from 10 different European countries provides the opportunity for more than 600 cross-sector SMEs to participate in training and to get specific guidance on how to use effectively energy management tools. SMEs as well are provided with practices which are targeted towards specific needs on both national and regional level. The experience gained by CCIs through their previous projects is used by STEEEP for delivering their actions within SMEs workshops, coaching as well help desks. Within the realization of STEEEP project SMEs have to be provided with 315 thematic workshops, as well at least 35 SMEs have to be involved in 7 created LECs. While, experienced academic partners evaluate potential of SMEs from the scientific point of view for energy savings as well regulate progress in implementing measures for reducing energy consumption, project’s Energy advisors exchange their experience during cross-border network meetings and through comprehensive training as well

Major outputs & expected results

Key outputs:

  • Multilateral Support and Guidance: 315 thematic workshops (1071 workshop hours) provided for 630 SMEs (9 workshops/CCI)
  • Bilateral Support and Guidance: More than 3935 hours spent in 630 SMEs to follow-up on energy pre-checks and to coach SME staff on effective energy management. Energy help desks/points of contact established in 8 participating countries
  • Local Energy Communities (LEC): 7 LECs created involving at least 35 SMEs (plus 168 hours of LEC meetings conducted by CCI advisors)
  • European Benchmark: Energy baselines and a unified European Benchmark methodology of energy performance defined for 630 SMEs (plus final energy performance evaluated for all participants)

Expected results:

  • 10-15% of energy savings for the 630 SMEs involved (and at least 15% of energy savings for SMEs participating in energy communities) which corresponds to a reduction of greenhouse gas emission of t 8500 CO2e/year.
  • Increased awareness on funding opportunities triggering energy efficiency measures.
  • Establishment of 7 inter-company smart grids within the 7 local energy communities.
  • Significantly extended European network of trained CCI energy advisors with deepened knowledge of energy management tools and practices and their implementation in SMEs.

Success stories

Presentation about project STEEEP

Partner organizations:

  • Eurochambres (Lead partner)
  •  Energy Institute for Business (AT)
  • CCI Vienna (AT)
  • CCI Belgium
  • CCI Estonia
  • CCI Spain
  • CCI France
  • CCI Croatia
  • CCI B.A.Z county (HU)
  • CCI G.S.M county (HU)
  • CCI Italy
  • CCI Latvia
  • CCI Timis (RO)
  • De Montfort University (UK)