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Representation of interests

Lobby is representation of interests of LCCI members in public and municipal institutions, and it is one of the main directions of LCCI activities. 

Within the framework of lobby activities, LCCI:

  • Summarizes information provided by members and their needs;
  • Participates in development of policy planning documents and legal acts and in initial discussions on their objectives and contents;
  • Organizes meetings of members with politicians and officials;
  • Organizes public relations campaigns, in order to achieve objectives defined in LCCI Policy guidelines.

LCCI representatives regularly participate in and provide for representation of interests and opinions of members at meetings of the Cabinet and Parliament committees.

LCCI works in the Prime Minister’s Consultative Council, in expert’s status participates in Cabinet meetings, works in the National Economy Council and many other public and municipal institutions and forums.

LCCI is government’s partner in economic matters, working on proposals of structural reforms and draft state budget together with the second government’s partner – Latvian Association of Municipalities, and with social partners – Latvian Confederation of Employers and Latvian Association of Free Trade Unions.

Organization also constantly implements monitoring of international institutions, Latvian public and municipal legislation and other normative and strategic initiatives that directly or indirectly affect Latvian entrepreneurship environment. For more successful cooperation and operative information exchange, LCCI cooperation agreements are concluded with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Regional Development and Municipal Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, Latvian Association of Large Cities, the Council of Rīga and other institutions.