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Latvian Export Cluster


Latvian Export Cluster (LEC) is an initiative by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) aimed at improving the competitiveness of economically active Latvian companies in foreign markets.


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To encourage cooperation among businesses and research and knowledge transfer organisations in the field of export, increasing the competitiveness of businesses and the proportion of high added-value products and services in export, as well as innovation and development of new products.


The mission of the Latvian Export Cluster is to improve export and quality support tools in collaboration with other organisations to promote export capacities, sustainability and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.



The Latvian Export Cluster is a key pillar for Latvian companies for entry into foreign markets and achievement of a higher level of quality management.

Quality: Latvian companies are highly competitive in international markets thanks to commitment, precision and knowledge of production processes and marketing. 
Export: Latvian companies are knowledgeable, competitive and compliant with the international market requirements.
Reputation: Latvian companies are known for their great reputation in the markets of the European Union and third countries.
Product: Latvian products are of a high quality, competitive and innovative - both in terms of content and packaging.
Productivity: Employees of Latvian companies are efficient, skilled, motivated, qualified and productive to achieve increased added value per employee.

Key areas of activity:

  • Increasing competitiveness in international markets with a knowledge-based approach to export planning and strategy development and through justified and well-considered international marketing events;
  • Quality management solutions both in relation to the finished goods and the processes within the company at various stages of economic activity;
  • Improving the productivity to ensure higher competitiveness of the product/service;
  • Development of export companies in the field of Smart Specialisation that will provide products for export markets with higher added value.

Implementation period of the project: 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2020.

The Project is co-funded by European Regional Development Fund and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Lead Partner Contacts:
Nauris Lazdāns
Executive director of the Latvian Export Cluster
Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
+371 28704745
Kr.Valdemara str. 35, Riga
Latvia, LV-1010