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Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship Support

Within project ESTLAT-WBL, new cross-border service was created and developed. It aims to provide support to entrepreneurs by looking for qualified labor force from Estonian and Latvian VET schools, and to potential employees from VET schools .

Below you can find illustrated process of the service. Briefly about each step:

1. VET school from Latvia or Estonia send request to LCCI about apprenticeship possibilities;

2. Based on the provided information, LCCI contacts relevant sector  companies regarding apprenticeship opportunities for Estonian VET school students, or contacts Estonian partners in order to get in touch with Estonian companies, that would be interested in providing apprenticeship place for VET students from Latvia;

3. Matchmaking process of VET schools and companies take place, where company and VET school reps discuss possibilities of cooperation and other relevant issues;

4. If discussion ends successfully and sides have agreed on everything, agreement about starting apprenticeship is signed;

5. If necessary, company tutor training take place;

6. After the apprenticeship - evaluation of trainee from company rep takes place.




In case of questions, please contact by using following e-mail address:


Additional information about project ESTLAT-WBL can be found here: ESTLAT-WBL project


Service was created within Estonia-Latvia cross-border cooperation programme
project "ESTLAT-WBL" (proj. no. Est-Lat63)